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Migraine Testimonial

"My daughter's diagnosis her Pediatric Neurologist gave her was Status Migrainosis. She suffered migraines in the past 3 years but they were mild and infrequent. This migraine was more severe and unrelenting. Up until the day we brought her to Dr. Soley, my daughter had had a migraine continually for 5 weeks. Her symptoms included headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. She had lost 12 pounds and had missed over 4 and half weeks of her junior year in high school. She had a complete medical workup in the past few weeks including multiple medication infusions, lumbar puncture, brain MRI and hospitalization. As we were leaving the hospital with my daughter still in pain, the charge nurse whispered to me "try a chiropractor." Up until then, I had never gone to a chiropractic practitioner. After 1 treatment with Dr. Soley, my daughter felt immediate improvement. After the 3rd treatment she was almost completely better, was able to go back to school and was starting to "be herself again." "Thank you, Dr. Soley, for helping my daughter get her life back. His adjustments are gentle and his mannerism is professional. He is a very effective clinician and I have the utmost respect for him."

Sincerely -Val Nicoletti M.D.

Today I road my bike to his office for a visit

"I could not walk without searing pain. I had level 10 pain and little sleep four weeks. I thought the pain would just go away with rest. I was so tired and overwhelmed with the pain I reached out to Dr Jeff. He came in on his day off to help me get some relief. I had to crawl from the car just to get in his office. I thought I would never be without pain. I thought I would never be able to walk fully upright again. Within minutes of the laser treatment and care by Dr Jeff I was able to walk. My pain was significantly reduced and I walked to my car. Every time I would visit Dr Jeff my pain would decrease while my mobility would increase." "Its been two weeks from the day I crawled into his office. Now I can drive myself, I can dress myself, I can sit at a restaurant, I can go to a movie, I can cook and best of all I can laugh and enjoy life again." "Today I road my bike to his office for a visit." "The technology works, it really works. But my true recovery was really propelled by the gifts and talents of Dr Jeff . His caring and skills are in a word phenomenal"

Sincerely -J.V.


Wanted you to know that i have been taking the Estrovera you suggested for my hot flashes for about two weeks now and i have not had one single hot flash. Not one. Call if coincidental or call it the Estrovera but…..going to order more today!

Sincerely -S.M.

Ear Infections

Dr. Jeff, Great news: Ella's surgery has been cancelled for tomorrow! Her hearing is restored and most of the fluid has drained. Again, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for her. I feel like we have our "Ella" back. We do have a f/u in October just to make sure everything looks okay. So thank you so, so much! "Thank you so much in helping us get to the root of Ella's problem. You were right on about a food allergy. You were so proactive and I appreciate that you really looked into what was causing the problem before we progressed with any further surgical treatment."

Sincerely -TS.

Advanced scientific approach to…

"After only 2 months with your chiropractic practice I feel better than I have in years! I want to thank you for your conscientious care and also to let you know that this is the first time I have ever looked forward to seeing a chiropractor! In the past I always dreaded my appointments that were filled with pain and ominous “cracking” as I was adjusted. Your gentle tapping (pro adjuster) method feels great during the visit and I continue to feel better for days after the appointment. What a difference with your advanced scientific approach! I am always eager to see you! Again, thank you for your wonderful care." "Dr. Jeff Soley helped me not only with pain in my back but also helped me with nutrition and an individualized treatment program. I had many questions about chiropractic and general health. He and his staff were very knowledgeable. I liked his approach on using supplemental choices in both medicines and techniques. Thanks Dr. Jeff!"

-BJK, Westfield, MA - Oct 8, 2010


"After only one visit to Dr. Soley's office I was shocked and surprised to get some relief from the fibromyalgia pain that had controlled my life for 26 years. I found the gentle tapping on my spine by the Pro-Adjuster disrupted my pain cycles. When I began treatment I had been taking pain medication AM and PM everyday to dull my pain. I felt 90 years old. Now, I rarely take pain medication. I bounce down stairs, have plenty of energy, and feel my muscles working again. Dr. Soley has helped me get my life back."

-bfrisbie2 - Sep 4, 2010


"After only 3 visits with a very painful flare-up of sciatica I couldn't believe the improvement. The decrease in my pain level was amazing. The non-invasive treatment really works. Also, after years of not being able to sleep on my side without numbness and tingling and burning in my hands, I can now sleep on my side most of the time without those symptoms. The treatment I have received from Dr. Soley's office has been wonderful and has definitely improved my quality of life."

-bdmd156 - Sep 2, 2010

State of the art

"Dr. Soley is the best doctor I have seen. He is very knowledgeable on the treatment of various conditions and he uses the latest technology in his practice. I was always apprehensive about having my neck cracked but with the pro adjuster system Dr. Soley is able to do chiropractic without the cracking! Thanks for all your help!"

-Jeff - Jul 14, 2010

Check out the Pro-adjuster‎

"Dr. Soley uses the newest of technologies. No more manual cracking and moving. This computer 'reads' your vertebre and shows you which is out of alignment, then the Dr. uses the probe to adjust those that need it."

-Nick M - Jan 19, 2008

The Best

"Being a middle aged athlete, I seem to injure myself more frequently. The staff here as put my back together 3 times. Elbow reconstrustion, MCL sprain in my knee, seperated shoulder. Every time was the best experience under the circumstances."

-Tom R - Dec 7, 2007


"Dr Soley has been treating me for injuries from a car accident and the pain has subsided significantly with his guidance and care!!!!"

-Louise - Aug 25, 2010

Gluten Intolerance

"After having stomach pains for as long as I can remember Dr. Soley had a suggestion. During my first visit we went over my health history. He advised me to remove gluten from my diet. After consulting both my nutritionist and primary care physician I adopted a gluten free lifestyle. I had always assumed it was normal to have daily stomach pains, but after seeing Dr. Soley,I found that a gluten free diet was key to my health."

-loric526 - Aug 24, 2010

Chiropractic in the 21st century

"Dr.Soley uses the latest cutting edge technologies including the computerized pro adjuster system, low level laser therapy, and the Erchonia EB/Detoxification footbath."

-Jeff - Jul 14, 2010

Always good to hear from you

"Two weeks after you left, my vertigo returned though not in full swing...I went to the Vestibular Therapy Inst. at Gordon College-they gave me "habituation exercises" which helped a little, I saw Richard Greene, then Dr. Donald Tgettis/ Gloucester and he did some interesting adjustments and suggested that I sleep on my side. Also a client of mine who is a P.T. confirmed for me that ibuprofen can provoke a vertigo episode - he had experienced it first hand and did some extensive research. Anyway, I DO think that sleeping on my side is helping because it was the lying down and arising that would set it off...Also the chiro work is helping . However, the adjustments and cold laser that you had used was really the only thing that stopped the continuous vertigo and allowed me to believe that there was an end/ solution to it (it brought me peace of mind) Another reason to contact you is that a client of mine from the club wondered if she could contact you to find info about cold laser and also if you know of a top-notch acupuncturist on the South Shore...she is a rather savvy health care client and will not go to just anyone- she has had the experience of going to a novice acupuncturist and was not at all pleased. She is a pleasant, polite woman, though direct in conversation.


Dear Jeff

"Thank you very much for the gift of a free visit, but mostly for all the help you have done for my pain. You have been and continue to be highly recommended."

-Amy Y


"When I first came to see Dr. Soley I had upper back and neck pain. The pain was so intense I couldn’t even tilt my head back to drink a glass of water. I have no idea what happened but I came looking for help and Dr. Soley definitely helped me." "The pain actually went down my arm and into my hand; I had numbness and tingling in my fingers. I had about ninety to one hundred and ten pounds of strength in my right hand and about thirty five pounds of strength in my left hand." "After twelve weeks, actually after about six weeks the pain was gone. My neck was feeling pretty good. My arm still had a little numbness and tingling of the fingers but the strength in my hand was up to, I think, about forty five to fifty pounds. Now I’m up to eighty pounds of strength in my hand and no pain in my back or neck." "Now I’m feeling great and it has really helped, I don’t know what else to say except thank you."

-Alan B


"I have been going to Dr, Soley since he opened his first office in Westfield, and it is because of his care that I am still capable of leading the active life I do. Particularly I am still working with a 14 year old boy who is paralyzed and this requires much lifting and moving. When he was going into kindergarten from preschool it was thought by the school system that he should be shared by two other people in order to reduce the strain. Yet I continued working with him until he was 19. Then I retired but I am still capable to care for him two days a week during non-school hours. I am, by the way, about to be 69, and it is because of the work Dr. Soley has done on my spine that I can still do this."

-Anne C


"My name is Doris C. and I had an accident three years ago, in which I hurt my ankle. In the years since the accident I continued to experience swelling in the joint that never resolved." "Dr. Soley treated my spine with his Pro-adjuster and used his laser on my ankle. The swelling in my ankle cleared up in just one visit! I am completely satisfied with the progress I have made and would recommend Dr. Soley to anyone."

-Doris C

Dear Dr. Soley

"Just a note to thank you for the care that I have received in your office. I appreciate the time and care you’ve given me. I’ve never felt better."

-Gary J

Dear Jeff

"Starting a New Year, I want to thank you for making it a less painful one. I’m still finding it hard to believe how much better Tom and I feel." "My back injury in august turned out to be a blessing; otherwise I would never have known there was help for Tom and myself." "I didn’t realize until I was putting some picture albums away and had a picture from ten years ago, wearing a neck collar, how long I had the problem. I was told I had arthritis in my neck and spine and nothing could be done. With only three treatments with you, I no longer have numbness in the side of my face and also prickly feeling and numbness is gone from my arm and hand. I am also able to turn my head without crunching sound and blurred vision." "My son Tom has had a seizure disorder since thirteen month’s old. The last three years he has been having severe migraine headaches. He would wake in the morning, with dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep and his mood was so angry from headaches and neck pain, even medication didn’t help." "Tom no longer needs pain medication to sleep and says his neck doesn’t hurt anymore Also I have seen a decrease in seizures. He is also much calmer, tom is a very kind and gentle person, but headaches caused him to go into rages, tripping over furniture, and running away doing anything to try and stop the pain." "The reason I know your chiropractic treatment has helped Tom is if he goes over a month between visits, he complains about his neck and seems more tense, but does not have any outbursts." "Thank you again Jeff and if it will help others please feel free to share this information."

-Hazel B


"Dr. Soley has had a tremendous impact on my wellness as well as my children’s. Initially I began treatment for addressing chronic neck/back pain and severe headaches due to my career as a dental hygienist. The relief was tremendous and I no longer have to take medication. During the course of treatment I became impaired with multiple symptoms when Dr. Soley observed this drastic change in my wellness. He pursued an investigation of my nutrition and supplement use. He concluded that I may be toxic and intolerant to gluten. He advised me to take part in a 10 day Detoxification/elimination diet under his care. Low and behold he struck gold. My health has taken a complete 360 and I have returned to the vital person I was. I continue to have wellness monthly adjustments to maintain my spinal health and I am continuing a gluten/dairy free diet. Dr. Soley continues to monitor my supplement use along with a medical food shake I consume for breakfast. If it wasn’t for the care and concern of Dr. Soley, I would still be sick today!" Dr. Soley has also taken an active role in the care of my 4 children as well. My daughter was involved in a car accident and his treatment alleviated her acute symptoms as well as eliminating any future problems. He treated my other daughter’s complaint of dizziness with success and has treated numerous athletic injuries of both my sons. Dr. Soley has educated my children t give them a better understanding of the importance of proper alignments as well as a healthy use of daily supplements. This knowledge will pave the way for a healthier future for my children."

-Lori M


"I’ve been going to chiropractors on and off for a number of years, thirty, thirty five years and the Proadjuster has been just phenomenal. As far as my back goes, I’m able to turn and it’s unbelievable. And the headaches are almost all gone and this is something I’ve struggled with for many, many years and it’s really helped me tremendously. This experience continues to be very good."

-Pauline L

Dear Dr. Jeff

"Words cannot express the transition I went thru since visiting your office. I was in such pain that I could barely get up in the morning let alone exercise." "Since you’re therapy and adjustments, I been beginning to feel my self again and was able to loose 35lbs. of excess weight. I couldn’t have done it without you."

-Peg A


"If you suffer from Ménière's disease or the associated symptoms such as dizziness and neck pain you need to visit Dr. Jeff Soley. I have suffered for years with unexpected doubts of dizziness so bad that they rendered me from unable to stand, to almost passing out when I turned my head. The only thing that was a given is lack of sleep made them symptoms worse but otherwise there was no pattern. I suffered greatly . After visiting with traditional Ear specialists, I was not confident that much could be done. I do not believe in taking unnecessary medications so chiropractic treatment was suggested as an alternative. I did nothing for years and suffered. And I have to tell you, I honestly feared the whole concept of someone adjusting my neck. But I was desperate and went to see Dr. Soley. He took the time to listen and understand my reluctance, then he explained how the pro adjuster worked and he convinced me to give it a try, baby stepping me through the process. In just one visit there was a major improvement. Now months later I have not had one dizzy spell since my first visit with him. It did not hurt a bit, no cracking and twisting as I had feared but rather a gentle tapping sensation. My "spells" as I call them, have completely disappeared. I have also added supplements such as fish oil to my diet at Dr. Soley's suggestion. It 's all good.He has made a believer out me ... and that is not easily done. "

-Kim L

LOVED my foot bath!

"I've done footbaths before. But I wanted to let you know that the one I had at your office the other day was truly sublime. As I was leaving I heard myself say, "my joints don't ache." Which made me realize that I'm always walking around with some pain or other. It was fabulous. "


Chronic Neck Pain Relief

"Dr. Jeff you have helped me so much in the relief of chronic neck pain. the cold laser therapy and pro-adjuster have done for me what six months of conventional pt and pain medicines could not even come close to doing it is just totally amazing!"


Thank You!

"Within 3 adjustment/ laser treatments, I began to notice wonderful changes in my body. The soles of my feet stopped burning, the pain in my neck and back became manageable, my menstrual cramps subsided and the cramping in my calves COMPLETELY STOPPED! Thank you to Dr. Jeff and Robyn for the wonderful work they are doing! "


Chronic Pain

"I have suffered for years with chronic pain related to spinal stenosis with nerve entrapment and arthritis. Numerous therapies and pain medications have been tried with little to no relief, only more side effects from narcotic pain killers prescribed. What a miracle it is that after my first treatment with the Pro Adjuster and Dr. Soley's advice I had a significant reduction in my pain level and have less fatigue. I finally feel hopeful that I can have quality of life and function again."

-David D.